3D Mesh Surgery

SaiShree Hospital, a leading medical centre, offers 3D Mesh Repair for Hernia in Pune to alleviate the discomfort of patients. Armed with rich expertise of surgeons and technologically advanced instruments and infrastructure, we have performed numerous hernia surgery in Pune with 3D mesh repair.

Treating hernia with 3D mesh surgery has become a golden standard among medical fraternity. The 3D mesh is implanted into the area affected by hernia and the entire surgery is carried out by making a small incision near the groin area. The 3D patch mesh performs few simple steps to rectify the problem of hernia without pain and this treatment methodology is effectively used by us for both direct & indirect inguinal hernia treatment.

Why 3D mesh surgery:

  • As the surgery demands only very less duration of stay in the hospital, it has always been the preference of working professional
  • Requirement of very small incision and minimum sutures
  • Performed under local anesthesia

The surgeons of SaiShree Hospital offer the services of 3D Mesh Repair Surgery for Hernia in Pune for all suitable patients and thereby drastically bring down post operative complications. If you would like to ascertain your candidature for 3D mesh repair surgery, schedule an appointment with our surgeon and be rest assured about the quality of post operative results.