Spine Fixation – ACDF

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) along with anterior plate fixation is one of the well established procedures to treat degenerated or herniated disc present in the neck area of spine. SaiShree Hospital, the most sought after medical centers for ACDF surgery in Pune, provides this superior neurosurgery treatment under the safe hands of highly skilled team of interdisciplinary specialists.

Why is ACDF required?

When intervertebral disc degenerates or herniates, it creates severe pressure on nerve roots and spinal cord. As the objective is to carryout Discectomy, which means cutting out the disc, the damaged area is reached easily through the anterior position of the spine rather than the posterior counterpart. Once the damaged area is approached through anterior position without disturbing or damaging neck muscles, spinal cord and nerves, herniated disc is completely removed. The empty space is subsequently filled with space bone graft which creates a fusion of the two vertebrates.

Although the procedure sounds to be complicated, our expert spine specialist of SaiShree Hospital ensures not only smooth conduct of the procedure but also recommend customized post-operative plans to hasten the recovery process.

SaiShree Hospital provides affordable treatment with active commitment and personalized patient care. With the help of rich expertise and latest technologies, our spine surgery specialist in Pune makes sure that even the remotely possible risk factors are minimized to a great extent.