Aim of procedure is to repair torn labrum & ligments of shoulder to prevent likely hood of dislocation

  • This returns the tissue to previous condition & tightens shoulder
  • Surgery is required if
  • Patient had multiple dislocation
  • Young patients involved in contact sports or high demand activities


  • Usually have regional nesthesia supplement with genral anesthesia
  • Usually overnight stay or day care admission
  • Arthroscopy -3 small cut wounds made to allow passage of arthroscope (camera)& instruments into shoulder
  • Bioabsorbable anchors are inserted into socket after small holes are drlled,sutures attached to anchors are passed through torn labrum & repaired back to glenoid bone
  • Postoperative Arm is immobilized in slingforapprox. 3 weeks
  • Strengthening program is started subsequently in 6-8 weeks
  • Rehabilitation continues for 6 months post surgery