Hip Arthroscopy surgery

Hip arthroscopy has been playing a huge role in recognizing medical conditions that were not properly understood or were rectified only through open hip treatment procedures. SaiShree Hospital has leveraged this technology marvel to the best of its use and is offering minimally invasive hip arthroscopy in Pune for rectifying most of the medical issues associated with pain in hip.

Medical conditions treated through hip arthroscopy:

The expert surgeons of SaiShree Hospital offer treatment for plethora of medical conditions pertaining to hip:

  • Trimming of torn labrum
  • Removal of loose pieces of cartilage
  • Trimming of ligaments, especially those that are caused due to Ligamentum Teres injury
  • Trimming of bones to reduce the impact of Femoracetabular impingement

If necessary, our bone specialist in Pune at our hospital harnesses the technology of hip arthroscopy to diagnose the actual problem in hip and also to carryout biopsy.

Akin to many other treatment procedures, the outcome of hip arthroscopy depends on the severity of the underlying condition. Nevertheless, rich expertise of our surgeons is always put into the best of use and offer easier treatment for hip pains through arthroscopy. Contact us to know further details and how efficiently we treat your hip pain.