Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

Being an excellent minimally invasive surgical procedure, Arthroscopy, also known as arthroscopic surgery is not only used for examination of damage but also as a tool for treatments. Our hospital surgeons offer Knee arthroscopy in Pune and carry out variety of investigations and treatments. Although the incision made for arthroscopy is quite small, it is worthwhile to note that even complicated surgeries through arthroscopy are effectively conducted by our orthopedic doctors in Pune.

Where it finds application?

SaiShree Hospital completely understands the advantages offered by arthroscopy and hence it deploys this technique to investigate and treat knee joint medical problems.

  • Treatments offered using knee arthroscopy include
  • Meniscal injury or tearing of knee cartilage
  • Partial rectification of roughness in articular cartilage
  • Removal of loose bodies
  • Complete diagnosis of the inside status of bone or cartilage
  • Assessment of knee joint problem
  • Cartilage biopsy to ensure candidature for knee replacement surgery

Although it is a minimally invasive procedure, patients are either offered general or spinal anesthetic to pave way for introduction of special instruments and cameras. Expert doctors of SaiShree Hospital have carried out countless procedures pertaining to Arthroscopic knee surgery in Pune and thereby created new lease of life for the patients. Contact us to know how best your knee problem can be solved through knee arthroscopy.