Deformity Correction & Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

Deformity correction in joints & cosmetic limb lengthening are usually carried out through a technique called distraction osteogenesis. By virtue of in-depth domain knowledge and wide experience, highly trained surgeons of our orthopedic hospital in Pune carry out these corrective procedures with the aid of sophisticated techniques. SaiShree Hospital, one of the reputed medical centre to possess this technology, have been offering this successful corrective procedure and thereby help mankind for carrying out day to day activities in a better way.

How it works?

The body’s ability to heal itself on its own through regeneration of bone and soft tissues is harnessed to provide treatment. While carrying out cosmetic limb lengthening in Pune at our hospital through distraction osteogenesis, our surgeons gradually pulls apart a surgically cut bone and thereby enable a condition for the development of new bone in the gap. The pulled out bones are connected to an adjustable fixator, which is adjusted on daily basis to enhance the gap. Once the intended length of bone is achieved or the limb is straightened, further adjustments in fixators are not made. As the newly developed bone merges, it becomes as hard as any other bone in the patient’s body and subsequently the fixation device is removed.

Conditions that can be treated

Although it is an excellent remedy to correct deformity in joints or lengthen the limb, it can only be used for few conditions:

  • crooked and malunion or nonunion of bones
  • Short stature or discrepancies associated with dwarfism
  • Hip disorders among children
  • Congenital discrepancies in limb length
  • Joint stiffness

Am I a candidate?

Most of the patients having the above mentioned medical conditions can undergo this treatment provided they otherwise enjoy good health. However before performing limb lengthening or deformity correction surgery in Pune at our hospital, we strongly discourage this procedure for patients who seek immediate results.

SaiShree Hospital can do wonders for many of your orthopedic medical issues. Schedule an appointment with us to know how better we can serve you and alleviate your medical problem.