The deformity correction is considered as a surgical process of adjusting or modifying musculoskeletal deformities, foot deformity, ankle deformity, and any such deformed body parts. The root cause of deformities can be due to one of the following reasons such as physical trauma, car accidents, height fall, sports injuries, obesity, diabetes, or cerebral palsy. Depending on the case severity and patient’s medical history, our surgical team would either suggest a surgical deformity correction or the use of an external fixation device.

Treatments for Deformity Correction

  1. Genu Varum Deformity (bowed legs) : The treatment includes a knee realignment procedure in which the knee bones are realigned surgically and fixed in place with pins, plates, staples, or screw until it gets healed.
  2. Genu Valgum Deformity (Knocked Knee) : Although most of these cases get self-correct in childhood, many patients still need a surgical treatment. The surgery procedures are almost the same as for bowed legs (Knee realignment and Osteotomy).
  3. Limb Length Discrepancy Treatment : A spatial frame is inserted between the bones to separate them for few micrometers. Once the new bones are fully grown between the gaps, the fracture gets closed and starts to heal.

Saishree Hospital has a special medical team of doctors and specialists who address the deformity correction and enhance the patient’s quality of life. Consult our team today and get more detailed information regarding this important and complex surgery.