Endoscopic – Spinal Disc Surgery

Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy or commonly known as endoscopic spinal disc surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to alleviate lower back pain caused by a protruded, degenerated or herniated disc. SaiShree Hospital, the renowned medical centre for Endoscopic spine disc surgery in Pune, easily leverages the huge advances offered by endoscopic techniques.

How it is carried out?

As with any minimal invasive procedure, a keyhole incision is made to gain access of the damaged disc. But unlike the other technique, tissues and muscles over the spine are dilated to access the disc. Once the micro surgical instruments gain access to the herniated disc, the segment of it that has been compressing the nerves is removed. As our surgeons are able to view the magnified image of the operating area under fluoroscopic guidance, the visualization of the herniated disc is always better and so is the outcome of the procedure.

Is it better than open spinal disc surgery?

As only minimal quantum of tissue is destructed, endoscopic discectomy always gains upper hand with respect to quicker recovery time and less post operative pains. More importantly, it is an outpatient procedure and does not demand the need of general anesthesia.

But it is worthwhile to note that the selection of which route to be adopted is always based on the severity of the problem and judgment of our surgeon who performs spine disc surgery in Pune at our hospital. In short, thanks to the safe hands and excellent skill sets of our surgeon, spine surgery in Pune at our hospital is very safe procedure.