Hip Preservation Surgery 

SaiShree Hospital always emphasizes the importance of preventive measures rather than correction efforts. Hence it is no wonder our hip joint surgery specialist in Pune undertakes several hip preservation surgeries at our hospital and restores the full functionality of hip. Aided with skillful diagnostic skills, our surgeons are well versed with the detection of early symptoms of pain in hip, which when left untreated may cause complications in hip joints.

What necessitates hip preservation surgery?

Medical conditions such as labral tear due to hip impingement and hip dysplasia create acute pain in the hip area. If not for the hip preservation surgery in Pune at our hospital, these conditions may assume massive proportions and lead to arthritis and thereby call for hip replacement surgery. Any pain in the groin area while carrying out a normal activity such as walking is perhaps the first signal to approach our orthopedic specialist in Pune.

Who needs hip preservation surgery?

Our doctors do not suggest hip preservation surgery to all the patients and the candidature is usually preceded by clinical examinations and diagnosis results. Being a suitable procedure for patients in the age bracket of 20 to 50, it is usually performed for patients with medical conditions such as avascular necrosis. As a mission to provide right treatment at the apt moment, this preservation surgery is not performed for patients with moderate arthritis.

With strong acumen to relieve patients from the hip joint pain, our specialist orthopedic surgeons strive to arrive at better pain control management. Schedule an appointment with our orthopedic specialist to make an informed decisioin.