Knee Replacement Surgery in Pune

The constant wear and tear of knee joints due to our strenuous daily chores is one of the primary reasons for bringing down the activity level. SaiShree Hospital, the renowned medical centre for knee replacement surgery in Pune understands the intense pain that arises out of moderate or severe occurrence of knee arthritis. Hence our bone specialist in Pune offers unilateral or bilateral or total knee replacement surgery to regain the severely compromised mobility and thereby improve quality of life.

What is knee joint replacement surgery?

As the name suggests, our knee specialist in Pune at SaiShree removes the pain causing portions of the knee joint and replaces them with metallic alloy made out of chromium and titanium and high density polyethylene artificial counterparts. The surgery is performed under anesthesia and the recovery period usually lasts for few months.

Who needs joint replacement surgery?

SaiShree Hospital, the most sought after orthopedic hospital in Pune recommends knee joint replacement surgeries only in the event of following instances:

  • Intensive pain in knee joints that doesn’t subside with medication or physiotherapy
  • Deformity in knees
  • Severe diminish in quality of life due to instability in performing day-to-day activities.

Our expert orthopedic surgeons have carried out countless knee replacement surgeries and rendered our patients with new lease of life. Discuss with our team of specialists at SaiShree Hospital to analyze your knee problem and pave way for better life.