Laparoscopic Roux En Y Gastric Bypass

Roux En Y Gastric Bypass, also known as RGYM, is an excellent weight loss surgical procedure offered by SaiShree Hospital. Our expert obesity surgeon in Pune always educates patients about the bad side effects of being obese. Obesity not only brings down the quality of life, but also contributes severely to the onset of several avoidable medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, blood pressure, or arthritis.

Who requires this surgery?

Not all patients, but especially those severely obese, having BMI of 40 or more are strongly advised to undergo this surgery by our obesity surgery specialist in Pune. As a matter of fact, we even recommend patients having BMI of 35 and also have other medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea or heart related issues to undergo this procedure at the earliest opportunity to reverse harsh effects of these disease.

How it is done?

During this procedure, the top portion of the stomach is stapled to form a gastric pouch and it is connected directly with the lower portion of intestinal system. Although rest of the portion of stomach does not receive food, it continues to produce digestive juices. The newly formed small gastric pouch makes patients to eat less as they feel full soon and moreover, fewer calories are absorbed, as part of the intestine is bypassed.

Why to opt for SaiShree Hospital?

SaiShree Hospital, the reliable medical centre for gastric bypass surgery in Pune have so far successfully conducted hundreds of similar procedure and brought bought smiles across their patients. To know how exactly how this procedure would benefit, you can always meet our best gastric bypass surgeon in Pune and script a turnaround in your life.