Stapler / MIPH

SaiShree Hospital, a pioneer medical centre for comprehensive for health care, offers painless treatment for piles in Pune, India. Minimal invasive procedure for haemorrhoids (MIPH) is a novel procedure in which neither anal mucosa nor hemorrhoidal tissue is excised but it is performed on distal rectal mucosa and mucosa to occlude the supply of blood to superior hemorrhoidal artery that is located above hemorrhoidal tissue.

How this technique works?

Also known as stapled hemorrhoidopexy, our surgeons offering staplers surgery for piles in Pune, seek the use of a special device to remove ring of tissues from the anal canal and thereby cuts off supply of blood to hemorrhoids and makes them to shrink. Subsequently the tissue ring is firmly secured in place with staples.

Benefits of MIPH

The advantages offered by MIPH are huge and it includes:

  • Long term relief from symptoms
  • Earlier return to normalcy
  • Minimal hospitalization

Our surgeons have successfully performed numerous minimally invasive haemorrhoids treatment in Pune, India at our hospital and their expertise is sure to bring back the smiles on the faces of patients. Schedule an appointment with our surgeons to ascertain the candidature for this highly beneficial medical procedure that involves no cuts or stitches.