Open – Spinal Disc Surgery

Open spinal disc surgery or microsurgical discectomy is always the golden standard for treating a herniated or ruptured lumbar disc. Since last decades, microdiscectomy has undergone massive changes and has paved for minimal discomfort and fast healing. SaiShree Hospital with its keen interest to carry forward its mission of offering world class treatment facilities offers microdiscectomy through its spine specialist in Pune.

How it is performed?

The objective of spinal disc surgery always revolves around the concept of retarding the ability of protruded inner disc material which is compressing or damaging the sensitive nerve tissue of spine. Prior to performing open spine disc surgery in Pune at SaiShree Hospital, our specialist surgeons avail the help of diagnostic tools such as MRI and CT scans to understand more about the problem causing disc and also to ascertain the suitability of the procedure. By making a small incision in the area over the spine, the disc is accessed by removing ligaments and bones and subsequently the protruding disc material is trimmed. The entire procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and minimum of one day hospitalization is always recommended.

As our motto is always to provide cost effective treatments, microdiscectomy is carried out on patients who have failed to find response through physical therapy, medications and injections. With good post operative care and proper physical therapy, most of our patients recover completely in a span on two to three weeks. To find out your candidature suitability and subsequent treatment through spinal disc surgery, schedule an appointment with our spine specialist at SaiShree Hospital.