Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive or plastic surgery finds prominence when the necessity arises to offer treatment for abnormal structures of the body that could have been due to any trauma, infection, defects, or diseases. SaiShree Hospital, a well known institute of plastic surgery in Pune, perfectly recognizes the need for rectifying these abnormalities not only for aesthetic purpose, but also for functionality requirements.

What we offer?

It is not without reasons we are recognized as a leading plastic surgery hospital in Pune. At SaiShree Hospital, we perform wide spectrum of reconstructive and plastic surgeries to cater the requirement of our patients. Blended with in-depth experience of plastic surgery and excellent domain knowledge, we perform surgical procedures with outstanding success rate for the following:

  • Feet and hand surgery for patients with deformations or maladies.
  • Wound care to rectify acute burn deformation or cut injuries and their scars
  • Microsurgery to attend problems that have surfaced in different parts of the body
  • Reconstruction of breast, facial bone and
  • Maxillofacial reconstruction
  • Soft tissue repairs
  • Cancer reconstruction

Why us?

SaiShree Hospital always strives to achieve the motto of treating pain and curing disease to enhance the functionality of organs. Any non-functionality owing to arthritic conditions, injuries in bones, muscles and tendons, congenital or acquired deformity are treated through cosmetic surgery in Pune at our hospital with utmost compassionate care and technical excellence. Our reconstructive surgical team is abreast with all the latest technological advances and hence it becomes very easy for them to practice the best cosmetic techniques to achieve perfection. Meet our surgeon to know how we can treat your problem and bring back the smile on your face.