Revision Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgeries, conducted mainly to reduce pain in hip, shoulders and knees are considered as one of the most successful treatments for mankind, especially for those patients suffering from advanced stage of arthritis. But unfortunately, for few percentages of cases, implants may cease to render normal functionality and create the necessity of second procedure known as the revision joint replacement.

Thanks to the acumen of our bone specialist in Pune, revision joint surgeries that involve removal and replacement of presently held implants are easily carried out.

Why do implants fail?

There are several factors that constitute reasons behind the failure of joint replacement surgery:

  • Infection due to improper blood flow near the implant area
  • Loosening of implants
  • Dislocation

Whatever is the reason, our orthopedic doctors in Pune implement right corrective surgery based on physical examination, X-rays, laboratory tests and severity of recurred symptoms.

Why SaiShree Hospital?

Being a complicated procedure, our specialist doctors always practice additional precaution to get the best of revision joint replacement in Pune. With ultra sterile operation theaters, and availability of cutting edge technologies, it becomes easy for us to contemplate the most apt line of treatment and thereby offer desired results to patients. Meet our specialist to know how to rectify your failed joint replacement surgery.