If your shoulder joints have been damaged due to severe injury, you might need surgery. Although the shoulder replacement surgery is not as famous as hip and knee replacement surgery, it is still just as successful in relieving pain and injury. In case the nonsurgical treatments such as medications and physical therapy are not showing any release in pain, your doctor might suggest shoulder joint replacement surgery. The surgery is safe, effective, and helps you resume your daily activities.

Treatment Overview

The most common indication for shoulder replacement surgery is shoulder pain due to arthritis and which cannot be controlled with medications. A series of standard X-rays are taken to analyze the shoulder joint. An MRI scan might also be necessary to determine the bone quality. Patients with severe nerve damage risk are also suggested an EMG test. Then after, our surgeons will proceed with further surgical procedures, starting with a regional anesthesia or general anesthesia or a combination of both, given to the patient to help them relieve the pain.

The surgeon then begins the operation with a small incision to have a clear insight into the joint bone. The shoulder is covered with a rotator cuff which is cut-open to manipulate the arthritic damaged parts. Once the arthritic damaged part is removed, the surgeon inserts an implant socket, ball, and stem components. The incision is then closed with stitches and bandages.

Why Saishree?

At Saishree Hospital, we make sure the patients receive only the best shoulder replacement treatment and therefore, our surgical team first evaluates their medical history before recommending the right shoulder treatment. Contact us for a more detailed consultation on shoulder replacement surgery and its rehabilitation program.