SILS surgery

SaiShree Hospital always tends to adopt latest technologies to offer best line of treatment to its patients. Continuing with this trend, we offer Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS), the latest advancement in laparoscopic surgery. This rapidly evolving technique is being embraced upon by our surgeons for several surgeries pertaining to urological, renal, obesity and colon surgeries.

Benefits of SILS

By performing SILS surgery in Pune at our hospital, our surgeons render huge benefits to our patients

  • Instead of traditional laparoscopic four to five incisions, only one small incision is made at the entry point to perform surgery
  • Less scarring and better cosmetic results
  • Shorter duration of hospitalization than the traditional counterparts
  • Faster recovery period

Although initially used for obesity surgery in Pune, we have now started it for other procedures too. The time taken to perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Pune at our hospital is more or less same when compared with the usual laparoscopic technique. Also it is worthwhile to note that SILS demands expert hands as three articulating instruments need to be manipulated through a single port. But with our surgeons as your caregiver, you can always count on our expertise and skill sets to deliver perfect results for your treatment.

Contact us to know whether SILS can be deployed for treating your medical condition. Our surgeons at SaiShree Hospital would be more than happy to guide towards right treatment at more affordable cost.