Spinal Scoliosis Surgery 

Scoliosis is a musculosketal disorder that makes the spine look like the shape of English alphabets ‘C’ or ‘S’ with curvature extending from right to left side. As scoliosis is not visibly noticeable to an untrained eye during the early stages, this three dimensional deformity can be detected only after a check up with pediatrician or routine medical checkup. As a forerunner for excellence in spine treatment in Pune, SaiShree hospital clearly understands the necessity of proper treatment to alleviate future complications.

Is surgery the only route?

Spine specialist in Pune at SaiShree Hospital recommends for surgery only if relief is not obtained through like medication or other traditional methods such as bracing or physical therapy. Infact this surgery is not performed during adolescent stage and our surgeons strongly recommend for braces until the patient attains full skeletal growth and maturity. Even afterwards, surgery is prescribed only if scoliosis worsens the situation and could not be treated through braces.

Am I a candidate?

Prior to undergoing spinal scoliosis surgery in Pune at our hospital, our surgeons conduct imaging studies such as CT scans or MRI to assess the damaged caused. Also the angle of curve is measured with the help of X-ray to arrive at the best possible correctional surgery. As an unattended medical condition such as scoliosis can adversely affect the functioning of heart and lung in future, spine fusion surgery is usually recommended to correct the problem.

Renowned for lumber surgery in Pune, our surgeons of SaiShree hospital corrects the problem at right age and ensure good health of spine.