Spine Decompression

Spinal decompression surgery is performed to alleviate pain in the back by relieving pressure on the nerves. This surgical procedure is recommended by our spine surgeon In Pune associated with SaiShree super specialty hospital for patients with herniated discs, bony growths or loosened ligaments.

Spine decompression can be carried out through several techniques and it is always better to leave the choice of selection to our surgeons

  • Laminectomy or Laminotomy – Total or partial removal of lamina bone to create more space for the nerves to move.
  • Foraminotomy – Similar to Laminectomy, it involves removal of piece of bone along with tissues.
  • Corpectomy – Removal of large portion of vertebra
  • Osteophyte removal – Removal of bony spurs
  • Discectomy – Removal of portion of herniated disc

Infact our surgeons try pain relieving tactics or medications and physical exercises to alleviate pain. Moreover, this route is recommended only for patients with rapidly progressing neurologic deficits or cauda equina syndrome. Many times, our expert surgeon recommends for spinal fusion surgeries such as ACDF, PLIF or TLIF along with decompression surgery to aid stabilization of spinal sections.

SaiShree Hospital being the best spinal decompression surgery hospital in Pune, offers world class treatment to our patients at most affordable cost. Armed with latest technology and sophisticated infrastructure, our caregivers provide ultimate relief from back pain.