PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma is a substance that promotes healing ability in case of an injury. Plasma is a component present in our blood and contains special “proteins” that helps with blood clotting. PRP injections are broadly used in multiple treatment procedures such as,

  1. Hair Loss Treatment : the PRP is injected into the scalp of the patient to promote hair growth and treat baldness.
  2. Tendon Injuries : The injections are used to treat chronic tendon injuries, tennis elbow injuries, or patellar tendon pain.
  3. Acute Injuries : In the case of sports injuries and knee sprain, the PRP injection is recommended for treatment.
  4. Postsurgical Repair : In few cases, doctors inject the PRP injections to repair any wear and tear caused to the tendon or ligaments during surgery.

The Process of Injecting PRP

At first, our doctor will draw a blood sample and the amount of sample drawn will depend on the region where PRP will be injected. The blood is then kept inside a centrifuge where the blood components separate. This process might take around 15 minutes. Another healthcare professional will collect the plasma and start preparing for injecting in the affected area. The injection is often used under the supervision of an ultrasound to make sure the dose is injected at the right affected region.

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