The cruciate ligaments namely, anterior and posterior (ACL & PCL) are the most important stabilizing structures in the knee joint. ACL/PCL injuries are more common amongst patients associated with contact sports or suffering from twisting injuries of the knee and less commonly following trauma. These injuries lead to painful swollen knee with difficulty in walking.

ACL is the major stabilizing structure amongst the two. ACL injuries are more common and are more disabling than PCL. Whereas PCL acts as the long axis of the knee and less commonly injured. However, both the injuries often have associated meniscal or other ligament injuries.

The ACL /PCL injuries often require a reconstruction of the torn ligament. In this procedure, the torn ligament is reconstructed with the patient’s own body tissues such as tendons and special implants are used for fixation of the reconstructed ligament in its place.

The procedure is done arthroscopically which is a minimally invasive keyhole surgery with an additional small incision for harvesting the tendon graft. The procedure requires minimum hospitalization. A well programmed supervised physiotherapy protocol including the knee bending and walking with aids is started on the very next day and the patient is discharged. The patient can resume his daily activities and work as early as three weeks post the surgery.