The labrum is a thick cartilage band that lines the shoulder socket and helps keep the ball of the humerus bone in place. When the shoulder joint dislocates, the labrum also gets damaged or torn along with the joint capsule. In such cases, an arthroscopic procedure is used to repair a detached labrum.

Usually, a closed reduction procedure followed by programmed physiotherapy and rest is enough to cure a shoulder that is dislocated for the first time. However, if the shoulder dislocates again, in such cases, arthroscopic surgery becomes necessary. This procedure aims at repairing the torn labrum & ligaments of the shoulder to prevent any chances of further dislocations.

Such shoulder conditions are quite common in young athletes involved in contact sports and activities such as football, basketball, cricket, bodybuilding, etc.

Surgery Procedure

  • Bankart Repair procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, but the patient may be supplemented with general anaesthesia if necessary.
  • The procedure is minimalistic, and the patient is admitted for not more than a day or overnight.
  • During the arthroscopy, three small cut incisions are made to allow the arthroscope (camera) & other two instruments pass into the shoulder joint.
  • With the help of these miniaturised tools, small holes are drilled into the socket and bioabsorbable anchors are inserted.
  • These anchors are attached to sutures that are woven through the torn labrum & resurfaced back to the socket (glenoid) bone.

After the surgery, the shoulder is immobilised in a sling for at least three weeks. In the next six to eight weeks, physiotherapy programs will be set up for strengthening the joint again. The rehabilitation process will continue for around six months post-surgery.

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