Musculoskeletal cancer or bone and soft tissue cancer occurs in mesenchymal tissues of the body such as the bone, muscles, cartilage, fat, and connective tissue. Medically termed as bone sarcoma, this type of cancer destroys the healthy tissues, typically of large bones such as arms or legs. The sarcomas are a group of cancer which spread to the bones and tissues after originating from somewhere else in the body. They are rare type of tumors and very rarely found.

Treatment Options for Bone and Soft Tissue Cancer

The treatment approach for sarcoma depends on the various factors such as, histological type, stage, grade, size, and whether the cancer cells need chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Depending on the complexity of the cancer tissues, the doctor would suggest one of the following Sarcoma treatments.

  1. Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy for Malignant Tumor
  2. Limb Salvage (Limb saving and function preservation) surgeries for extremities and pelvis
  3. Pediatric bone tumor surgeries
  4. Benign Bone treatment surgery
  5. Sacrectomy and/or spino pelvic reconstruction
  6. Soft tissues tumor: Wide excision and soft tissue reconstruction
  7. Metastatic & Palliative care procedures

In case, you face lumps in the muscles, swelling, change in size, fracture followed-up with trivial trauma, numbness, or paralysis, visit a bone and tissue specialist to guide you through various treatment options. At SaiShree Hospital, we are keen to offer cancer treatment for patients that suffer muscle Sarcoma weakness. Our team of well-accomplished cancer specialists understand that no to case can result into same treatment approach, therefore, we make sure the patient receives customized treatment for all type of cancer surgery.