Gallstones are hard deposits of cholesterol and digestive juices that lie dormant in galls. Although the reason behind the formation of gallstones are not clearly understood, they do possess the danger of blocking bile juices flowing out of gall bladder and thereby resulting in life threatening situation. SaiShree Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare system for gallstones removal surgery in Pune through sophisticated technologies and ensures quicker recovery.

How it is diagnosed?

Surgeons performing gallbladder removal Surgery in Pune at our hospital resort to diagnostic tools such as ultrasound to detect the formation of gallstones. In few cases, we also conduct CT scan or nuclear medicine scan to evaluate the advancement of gallbladder disease.

Is there any medication?

Gallstones can’t be flushed out as such as but temporary relief can be achieved by altering the diet with less fat content. Medications, even continued for long time, may not be successful and the only way to relieve the symptoms is to undergo cholecystectomy.