The core decompression surgery is carried out by surgically drilling into the parts near the dead bone close to the joint. The procedure significantly reduces pressure and enables an increased flow of the blood and also plays an important role in reducing joint destruction. The core decompression treatment is mainly carried out to treat osteonecrosis. When hip osteonecrosis is diagnosed, the core decompression treatment ensures that femoral head does not collapse and also stops the developments of conditions such as arthritis. In order to ensure rapid regeneration of the healthy bone and also enhance cartilege support at the hip, the treatment is performed in sync with bone grafting.

What should you expect?

As mentioned earlier, core decompression disables arthritis from progressing further and also eliminates the need for a hip replacement treatment. The best result is achieved in cases where osteonecrosis is diagnosed at an initial stage before the bone starts to collapse. After the core depression treatment, the bone starts healing and also regains supply of the blood. Post-treatment, it takes a course of few months for the bone to repair or heal we at Sai Shree recommend using crutches during the healing process to ensure no pressure is applied on the bone that is damaged.

If all the aspects of the treatment are on the right track, patients can start walking without any assistance within three months.

Sai Shree Hospital offers advanced and highly effective core decompression treatments to our patients. Our team consists of some of the most experienced and well-trained medical experts who have treated hundreds of patients successfully.