Tooth extraction is nothing but an atraumatic forced removal of the decayed tooth. This treatment is often recommended to patients with :

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Tooth damage
  3. Extremely loose teeth
  4. Teeth overcrowded inside the mouth
  5. Tooth unable to grow from the gum
  6. Baby teeth unable to fall off in time
  7. Patient recommended for head and neck radiation therapy
  8. Gum pain and gum swelling

In case of any aforementioned symptoms are faced by you, consult our expert dentists to maintain quality oral health.

Treatment Overview

The treatment procedure starts with your doctor evaluating your medical history along with any medications that you take. With local anesthesia given to the patient, the doctor will numb the tooth and its surrounding for easy operation. Depending on the severity of your case, our dental surgeons might suggest one of the two approaches :

  1. Simple extraction : The dentist loosens the teeth using an elevator. This instrument breaks down the tissues supporting the tooth. You might feel an amount of pressure while the doctor pulls out your teeth but there won’t be any pain.
  2. Surgical Process : The maxillofacial surgeon makes a small incision on the gum to access the tooth. The doctor may divide the tooth into small pieces.

Not every patient is eligible for tooth extraction procedure. Depending on the severity of your dental health, our expert team will be able to let you know about your treatment options. Contact today o book your appointment.