What Is Knee Replacement Surgery? & the causes resulting in the surgery –

  • A Knee Replacement Surgery is a procedure which consist of resurfacing the knee with a metallic or a polyethylene implant that help support the joint. This enables mobility and provides relief by reducing pain in the affected area.

Mainly there are two types of knee replacement surgery – ‘Total Knee Replacement Surgery’ and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • The main causes contributing to a knee replacement surgery are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or an arthritis caused due to an sever injury called as post–trauma arthritis.

Reasons people delay Knee replacement surgery –

  • Many patients want to find relief from pain but are not ready to proceed with the surgery, mostly out of misinformation and fear. Fear being, fear of post-surgery pain, fear of surgery, fear that they will end up in a worst state than they are now.

Hence patients may choose to delay the joint replacement surgery and continue with non-invasive treatments like using walking aids, physical therapy etc.

Disadvantages of Delaying the Knee Replacement surgery –

  • When you is advised by a doctor for a knee replacement surgery, you should start taking surgery seriously, delaying it can end up making things worse than your current situation. The disadvantages of delaying can cause the following outcomes.


  • Weaker Muscles –

As arthritis progress the patients suffer more and more pain during and after the movement, which lead to the affected knee being used less and limiting the physical activity which results in the muscles around the knee weak and also lose some muscle mass.

This causes the rehabilitation process to be prolonged and more difficult after the surgery.

  • Stiffness of Joint –

A common symptom of osteoarthritis is joint stiffness. As the arthritis progress the stiffness increases. With less movement the muscles, soft tissue, ligaments and joint capsule contract more and more resulting in more stiffness which further limits the mobility of the patientas the time passes.

  • Joint Deformity –

As the arthritis progress, there can be increasing deformity of the joint. Though the deformity occurs gradually and is not an overnight effect it can result in problems ranging from mild to severe as time passes. The patients with osteoarthritis suffer from a deformity known as ‘knock Knee’ or ‘bow-legged’, and patients with rheumatoid arthritis the inflammation can permanently damage cartilage and tendons, affecting the shape of the knee joint.

The extent of the deformity is in direct correlation to the degree of the complexity involved in the surgery. The worse the deformity, the more complicated the surgery is.

  • Compensatory Problems –

These problems occur when other parts of the body start pitching in more and more to try to compensate for the problematic or the affected body part, resulting in over burdening them or wearing them out in due course of time.

This can be observed as people with arthritis in one knee tend to depend more on the other good knee and over the passage of time start having pain problems of the good knee due it being over used.

  • Other problems that may occur are as follows –
  • Increase pain which may lead to inability to manage the pain
  • After a certain time the options get narrower and narrower.
  • The surgical procedure can take longer and there may be multiple surgeries required with multiple readmission to the hospital.
  • Only partial movement will be able to be salvaged.
  • Bad Posture

As we have seen from above delaying a knee replacement surgery can cause severe problems and will affect your general health and lifestyle drastically, hence if you are recommended a knee replacement surgery you should really start taking surgery seriously.

Saying so you should always get a second opinion from doctors and surgeons having good experience and track record in the field, as a second opinion never hurts.

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