Do I buy an expensive Shoe to prevent injuries?

It is not necessary to buy an expensive shoe. A good fit, correctly cushioned and a comfortable shoe, reduces impact forces and gives stability tothe foot, reducing the risk of injury and help enhance sports performance. Change your shoe whenever necessary. Don’t wait till it is torn. Always buy a shoe designed for your sport. Also, don’t wear your fitness shoes, because your sport shoe will wear out quickly.

Is wearing sports gear necessary?

Protective gear like padding, gloves, helmets, etc. should always be of a recommended brand. It should be of a good quality and have a proper fit. Always wear the required protective gear of your sport while playing to avoid injuries.

I came to class late today; can I start my game right away and skip the warm up?

Warm up prepares your body for the intense activity. A well planned progressive warm up will not only reduce injury risk but also help enhance your sports performance. Never skip your warm up.

Flexibility takes a lot of time. I will just go home.

Numerous research studies say that a flexible body is less prone to injury. Flexibility forms a base to a good movement technique while playing. So, let’s finish those flexibility exercises in cool down and then go home.

My knee hurts. But “NO Pain No Gain!” Let’s play. A little Pain won’t do me any harm, will it?

Pain is the most important indicator that something is wrong in your body. So ‘Listen to your body’ first. If you are physically fit, you will surely give a strong performance. So, take care of your body first and keep yourself healthy.

I am tired and my body is sore. Do I still do my training?

Your body is telling you to rest. So, as I said, ‘Listen to your body.’ A nice ice bath, warm massage, rest and sleep are best methods for the recovery after a good game season.

I am back to sports after a study break. Let’s start with the game right away.

After a big break from training, body is deconditioned. If you start at your maximum intensity, you will land up in an injury.Values of all the components of fitness like strength, endurance, flexibility etc. lower down after a gap of more than a week, in training. So, you need to start slow. Increase frequency, intensity and duration slowly.