If you have been diagnosed with gynecologic cancer, it is essential for you to visit an expert gynecologic oncologist. At SaiShree Hospital, our team of some of the most experienced and enterprising doctors, offer the most effective and reliable treatments for a wide range of gynecologic cancers. Our team will assess your condition and curate the best treatment plan based on your condition.

Types of treatment :

Thanks to the onset of multiple innovative medical treatments, there are different treatments that are now available depending on the type of cancer and how much damage it has caused. The different treatments include, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, etc.

  1. Surgery : Our team of the best doctors eliminate the cancer tissues at the time of the surgery
  2. Chemotherapy : Advanced medication is used to get rid of the cancer cells.
  3. Radiation : High level of radiation is used to kill cancer

Each treatment is carried out with care, precision, and carried out by specialists such as :

  1. Surgeons : experts who carry out the surgery
  2. Oncologists : medical experts who make use of medication to treat cancer
  3. Gynecologic oncologists : a team of doctors highly trained and experienced to treat cancer in a woman's reproductive system
  4. Radiation oncologists : radiation used to treat cancer

What is the right treatment for you?

It may be hard for you to recognize the ideal treatment for you. However, our team of experts will guide, discuss, and suggest the best treatment based on their assessment. In addition, our team will also point out the possible risks or side-effects, the after care, and what is the right thing to do post a surgery.There is also an option of offering fertility preserving surgery in right patients.