Many cancers of head and neck can be cured if it gets diagnosed on the initial stage. Surgery is the first-line treatment recommendation for head and neck surgery, followed by a follow-up treatment if needed. Though the main objective of this surgery is to cure cancer, doctors also have to prioritize the preservation of nearby tissues, organs, and nerves. Therefore, a special cancer team of a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgery oncologist, plastic surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, oncologic dentist, audiologist, Psychiatrist, and a nutritionist is appointed to perform the surgery. A comprehensive treatment plan is very important before the patient seek treatment. Therefore, a counselor is appointed to communicate with the patient and their family members. This counseling expert is in charge of helping the patient with practical issues such as transportation, local resources, and arranges family meetings.

Treatment Overview

The surgical treatment and recommendations depend on the following factors :

  1. The type and stage of head and neck cancer
  2. The possible side effects
  3. The patient’s treatment preferences and overall health factor

The goal of surgery is to remove the cancerous tumor and protect the nearby organs and tissues from any collateral damage. Therefore, the treatment for head and neck surgery includes :

  1. Laser Technology : This is basically used for removing the early-stage tumor, especially if the tumor is found in the larynx.
  2. Excision : This operation mainly focuses on removing the cancerous tumor and nearby tissues, known as the margins.
  3. Neck Dissection : If the cancer cells have spread, the doctor performs a neck surgery to remove the lymph nodes from the neck.
  4. Reconstructive (plastic) surgery : In case the cancer suspects damage to the jaw, facial bones or tongue or pharynx, a reconstructive surgeon operates on the damaged part to replace the missing / damaged tissue after complete cosmetic and functional rehabilitation.

At SaiShree Hospital, we make sure the patient receives the optimum level of care and knowledge before choosing the right treatment option. We believe in a transparent treatment approach therefore, we make sure the patient does not suffer due to lack of ignorance.