Hip Surgery Saishree hospital Aundh


Hip joint is the most common joint which requires replacement surgery worldwide. As compared to the knee joint, hip replacement surgery is performed at an early age. But encouraging fact is that, Total Hip Replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries and has a prolong survival.

Hip joint maybe involved in myriad of clinical conditions, the most common being AVN or the avascular necrosis of femur head, Arthritis of hip joint, Rheumatoid arthritis. The patient has pain and restriction of movements which in severe cases can be debilitating and patient is not able to carryout activities of daily living.

In THR, the damaged portion of the surfaces forming hip joint, namely, the acetabulum and the femoral head is removed and are replaced with prosthesis of suitable material. The aim of the treatment is to provide pain relief and also to achieve pain free movements of the hip joint. The proper preoperative planning, its better execution in surgery and a well designed post operative protocol are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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