Joint surgery or total joint replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which the parts of an arthritic or damaged joint is operated or removed and replaced with a customized prosthesis made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. This prosthesis is designed to replicate the movement of our joints. Apart from the hip and knee replacement surgery, our Saishree Hospital Joint replacement surgeons can also perform surgery on wrist, ankle, shoulder, and elbow.

Treatment Overview

A joint replacement surgery is often recommended in several conditions but most importantly, patients who encounter severe pain in their joints due to lack of cartilage (an aging effect), arthritis, or a severe fracture. In case your nonsurgical treatment such as medication, physical therapy, and proper diet plan does not relief your joint pain then your doctor will suggest a total joint replacement surgery. This surgical procedure includes :

  1. Your surgeon performing some tests such as blood test and a cardiogram for a better insight to planning your surgery.
  2. During the surgery, the doctor removes the damaged cartilage and bones while replacing it with a prosthetic component made of metal, plastic, or ceramic.
  3. Your doctor will guide you through the precautions and preventions post joint replacement surgery. They might also suggest some exercise and medications help your joint function normally.

Consult our expert surgeons for further do’s and don’ts on total joint replacement surgery. We have vowed to help our patients remain healthy and their treatment results to be optimum. Therefore, our well-accomplished surgeons perform customized surgeries, for no two patient’s complications are similar and neither their treatment approach.