How is Laparoscopic Appendectomy performed?

Akin to many other laparoscopic procedures, tiny incisions are made in the abdomen and the laparoscope along with surgical instruments is inserted. Guided by the images projected by the camera attached with laparoscope, the inflamed appendix is removed. Thanks to the rich expertise and cutting edge technology of SaiShree Hospital, our experienced laparoscopic appendectomy surgeon in Pune has successfully performed numerous surgeries and relieved the pain of patients.

Why SaiShree Hospital?

SaiShree Hospital believes in rendering better treatment to their patients and hence it is not surprising to witness us deploying the state of art technology for most of the surgeries. We recommend laparoscopic appendectomy surgery in Pune at our hospital, as it presents numerous advantages :

  1. Quicker recovery and minimal post operative pain
  2. Less complications
  3. Minimal incisions
  4. Shorter duration of hospitalization