Hernia is an abnormal protrusion of intestine due to weak tissues on the muscular wall of abdomen, groin, or navel areas of the body. As hernias carry a potential risk of getting strangulated and having their blood supply cut off, it is very much essential to visit SaiShree, a super specialty hospital for hernia surgery in Pune, India for diagnose and immediate treatment if necessary.

Symptoms of hernia :

What begins as a small lump with dull ache in the abdomen or groin area slowly grows in size and starts obstructing intestine and thereby renders high discomfort with chronic pain. When left unattended, the intestine loop may get strangulated and cut off from the blood supply, leading to a life threatening situation called septicemia.

Types of Hernia:

Based on the area in which they appear, hernias are classified as follows :

  1. Direct and indirect inguinal
  2. Epigastric
  3. Incisional
  4. Umbilical
  5. Femoral
  6. Spigelian
  7. Obturator

Our hernia specialist in Pune of SaiShree Hospital offers effective surgical treatment for all these variants of hernia.

Options for treatment:

Treatment of both simple and complex hernias through laparoscopic techniques is the present day choice of our best hernia doctor In Pune. With reduced duration of hospitalization, less complications and quick recovery period, laparoscopy has more or less become the standard for treating hernias.

SaiShree Hospital, a renowned name for laparoscopic hernia removal surgery in Pune, always strives to adopt the most advanced techniques in treating patients, so that patients are back to their normal activity at the earliest possible time. To know further on various types of laparoscopic surgeries for treating hernia, schedule an appointment with our laparoscopic surgeon and make an informed decision.