At Saishree Hospital, we perform the sleeve gastrectomy with a laparoscopic approach. This procedure is mainly performed making 4-5 small incisions in the patient’s abdomen. These incisions help the surgeon insert a video camera (laparoscope) to get the insights of the stomach. Also, the long treatment instruments are placed through these small incisions. The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is the most-sought procedure for weight-loss treatment. It removes 75% of the patient’s stomach without stapling or removing the parts of his small intestine.

Treatment Overview

The sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive procedure as the treatment results in limiting the patient’s food intake. The process does not limit your nutrient absorption or bypass your intestines. The major goal of sleeve gastrectomy is to reduce the “hunger hormones” and decrease the patient’s appetite. Patients with very high body mass index (BMI) or at severe risk of heart or lung damage at any long surgical procedure are recommended the sleeve gastrectomy.

This “staged approach” is often decided prior to any surgery but in a few patients, the decision of performing sleeve gastrectomy is taken during the operation. This decision might be made by your doctor if he finds out extra large liver or extensive scar tissue which could make the operation long and unsafe.

Our Saishree medical team makes sure each and every aspect is discussed prior to the treatment. Contact our integrative team to know more about the weight loss surgeries and its rehabilitation program.