Two semi-circular fibro-cartilaginous pads present inside the knee joint, one on each side i.e. inner- the medial and outer-the lateral menisci act as a cushion between the two bones forming the knee joint.

Menisci are often injured in twisting injuries of the knee or sports injuries or degenerative tears due to old age. Meniscal injuries are often associated with other ligament injuries. Injuries lead to the painful swollen knee which is at times associated with locking of the knee.

Meniscal injuries depending on their position of the tear can either be repaired with special sutures called Cinch (meniscus repair) or the torn part is excised using an arthroscopic shaver (partial or complete meniscectomy). The procedure is done arthroscopically which is minimally invasive keyhole surgery. Programmed physiotherapy is started on the next day and the patient is discharged.

Minimum hospitalization, early mobilization, and quick return to daily routine activities are the benefits of arthroscopic surgeries.