This surgery is carried out to remove the oral cancer with an adequate margin around to prevent the reoccurrence. The draining limphnodes of the neck are also remove at the same time.

The reconstruction process could potentially mean that a tissue or a bone from some other part of the body is moved to the oral cavity. Our experts will perform a microvascular surgery in which they will carefully treat the minute blood vessels using a microscope to ensure that the area that is being repaired has adequate blood circulation. The microvascular reconstructive surgery is carried out to restore the oral structure that assists the functions of the mouth such as speech, biting, chewing, etc.

Reconstructive surgeries at SaiShree

Our expert surgeons may use different types of surgeries or treatments to repair the soft tissues such as nerve grafts, skin grafts, local or free flaps.

Different types of surgeries :

  1. Skin Grafts
  2. Free Flap tissue surgery
  3. Nerve Grafts


Recovery from a reconstructive is situational depending on the complexity of the surgery. If the surgery is minor such as a skin graft, it usually requires around 2-3 days to recover. If the surgery is extensive such as the removal of large parts of the soft tissue, you may require a couple of weeks of hospitalization followed by post-operative chemo and radio therapy.