Robotic Joint Replacement

The outcome of any surgery depends on the precision with which the surgery is carried out. This is true more in Joint Replacement Surgery. A well-performed TKR gives better results and lasts longer and patient satisfaction is higher.

A well-performed TKR is all about ligament balancing and getting proper joint alignment through deformity correction as on the brink of natural as possible. Ligament balancing means both, the inner as well as outer, compartments of replaced knee undergo the same amount of stress throughout the range of motion. A well-aligned knee is where the deformity which patient had previously due to his/her arthritic knee is corrected while taking bone cuts and joint alignment is achieved to give the patient a sense of natural knee.

All this will be achieved with the assistance of technology in Joint replacement latest being Robotic joint replacement surgery. The advantage of robotics in joint replacement surgery is that it does not require pre-operative investigations like CT Scan and all data is provided to the computer at the time of surgery and necessary changes are often made accordingly. This also helps to avoid surprises during surgery. Robotic surgery provides the most important aspect, that is, precision to the surgery which is essential for successful outcome and longevity of the implant.

The implants used in the joint replacement are subjected to wear over a period of time. Studies have shown better aligned and well-balanced implants have less wear and longer life. Also nowadays, degenerative arthritic changes are seen in younger age group patients. In such patients, longer lifetime of implants is important due to the longer anticipation . Robotic joint replacement surgery provides the fundamental aspects of well-aligned and balanced knees, decreasing the wear and providing longer life to implants.

Operating Surgeon & Surgery

Dr.-Neeraj-Adkar Saishree Hospital

Dr. Neeraj Adkar
He is a Joint replacement & Sports injury surgeon.

Completed his Post Graduation degree at K.E.M Hospital, Pune and Fellowship in Joint Re-placement Surgery Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad. Further to which he pursued his Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine at Barcelona, Spain and Fellowship in Computer As-sisted Joint Replacement Surgery at Melbourne, Australia.

With an experience of more than 15+ years in his field of expertise, he is the Chairperson & director of SaiShree hospital, Pune and is an ex-president of Pune orthopedic Society. Dr. Adkar has hands-on experience in different major & minor surgeries, till date would have performed approximately 4000+ replacement surgeries. To add in his bucket of success stories, he performed India’s first ever uncemented Bilateral TKR at SaiShree hospital, not forgetting to mention the patient is doing absolutely well. He is even an active member of various international & national orthopedic organisation like:

  • American Association of hip and knee surgeons (AAHKS)
  • International society of arthroscopy, Knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.
  • Indian society of Hip and knee surgeons
  • Indian arthroscopy society
  • Indian orthopaedic association, and many more