Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery performed to inspect, diagnose, and repair the damage caused to the shoulder joints. The surgeon inserts an arthroscope to get an inside view of damaged shoulder and repair the tissues inside. Human shoulder is a complex joint which is capable of more motion than any other knee or hip joints. Due to an injury, sports activity, fracture, or accident, these joint tissues (labrum Glenoid) gets damaged. Depending on the severity of the damage, your surgeon would suggest one of the following arthroscopic treatment procedures :

  1. Rotator cuff repair
  2. Bone spur removal
  3. Repair or removal of labrum Glenoid
  4. Repair of the ligaments
  5. Removal of the inflamed tissues and cartilage
  6. Repair treatment for recurrent shoulder relocation

Treatment Overview

Our medical team will first inject a fluid inside the shoulder to inflate the joints. This inflation helps the surgeon view inside the shoulder and finds the damaged area clearly through the arthroscope. Once the problem is identified, the surgeon will insert small instruments through incisions and repair them. After the completion of surgery, the doctor may close the incision with multiple stitches or band-aid.

Our Saishree medical team makes sure the patients receive full-time recovery to their surgery and return back to their normal activities. Therefore, we suggest a physical therapy to help the patients recover complete healing.