Normal spine consists of 2 forward (Lordosis) curvatures in one each in neck and lower back and 2 backward (Kyphosis) curvatures one each in chest and hip region. Exaggeration of the natural curves can lead to deformities in spine, Scoliosis is unnatural side to side deformity whereas, Kyphosis is exaggerated front to back deformity.Most common types are Congenital (by-birth) but in rare cases secondary causes like lysthesis, trauma or Arthritis are also responsible for the deformity. These deformities not only pose cosmetic problems but also short-height, limb length discrepancies, and in severe cases respiratory issues.

We at Saishree hospital spine unit, use most possible conservative treatment where braces are used to control or revert deformity. And at the right age we use the techniques of Minimally invasive deformity correction, wherein instead of open spine surgery, percutaneous spine implants are place in the deformed vertebra and spinal curvature is brought back to normal. This results in minimum pain, scarring and blood loss.