A thoracic surgery refers to the operations conducted on chest organs such as heart, lungs, and the esophagus. Medically termed as cardiothoracic surgery, the thoracic surgeons treat lungs and esophagus cancer while a specialized cardiac surgeon is subjected to heart surgeries. Patients with affected lung cancer, trauma, or pulmonary disease are recommended for this thoracic surgery.

The Role of Thoracic Surgeon

Surgery is the first-line treatment for chest and head cancer. As they are complex and often raise concerns for complications, the surgery is performed under expert certified surgeons known as thoracic surgeons. They are recommended for surgeries that include coronary artery bypass surgery, heart transplant, lung transplant, removal of parts of the lungs affected due to cancer.

Thoracic Surgery for Lung Cancer

At SaiShree Hospital, our thoracic surgeons perform thoracic surgery for lung cancer using one of the following procedures :

  1. Wedge Resection : The treatment includes removal of tissues and tumor surrounding the cancer cells.
  2. Anatomical Segmental Resection : This includes removal of the tumor, blood vessels, lymphatic drainage, and the lung segment where the tumor is located.
  3. Lobectomy : The treatment includes removal of the entire lobe of the lung including the lymph nodes.
  4. Pneumonectomy : This includes removal of the entire cancer-causing lymph nodes.
  5. Pleurectomy : This comprises of removal of the inner lining of the chest cavity.
  6. Video-Assisted thoracic surgery : Under this, the surgeon performs the surgery while watching the video of the movements going on the surgical site from a thoracoscope on a high-resolution monitor. The VATS is a minimally invasive surgery.
  7. Thoracotomy : It is an open surgical method and is often recommended in cases where it is necessary to see a large portion of the lung or inner chest cavity, to remove the entire lung, or a portion of the lung. Also, it can be recommended alongside other treatments, if needed. The thoracic surgery is performed with minimally invasive techniques or traditional open surgical methods. However, the treatment approaches vary from patient to patient depending on the complications and other health factors. Our team of well-accomplished thoracic surgeons has an impressive history of successful complex cases as we make sure the intricacies of our patients are resolved with optimum results.