Before discussing about the 5 important things to know about robotic surgery let’s talk about what Is TKR (Total Knee Replacement Surgery)…?

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery ‘TKR’ –

Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement is an surgical procedure for resurfacing a knee damaged by arthritis or a severe injury, as only the surface of the bone are replaced. Parts made out of polyethylene or metal are used to cap the ends of the bones that form the knee joints along with the kneecap.

In layman’s terms it’sa common procedure/operation which involves replacing a damaged, worn-out or diseased knee with an artificial joint.

  • ‘Robotics’ in total Knee Replacement Surgery –

A Robotic total knee replacement surgery is basically a procedure in which a damaged, worn-out or a diseased knee is removed and replaced with an artificial joint, with the assistant of a ROBOTIC ARM.

It may sound something straight out of an episode of ‘FUTURAMA’ but it’s not the case, different robotic assisted surgery techniques have been around for years.It’s just that the technology keeps on improving and now we have better computer navigation and analysis and mapping which in turn provides better robotics resulting in better surgical experience and outcomes.

Now as the introductions are over and we now know the basics of what is what, let’s talk about 5 important things you should know about robotic knee replacement surgery.

  1. Is the surgery for you….?

It’s not like you have to be a special case to undergo a robotic knee replacement surgery, the fact is anyone who has been advised a TKR or is a good candidate for a TKR, Then you are in-turn a good candidate for robotic knee replacement surgery.

Basically if you have depleted all other conservative / non-surgical treatments to gain relief a knee replacement surgery can help you gain relief and better movement.

And with the new advancement’s in technology and techniques for a robotic knee replacement surgery the outcomes in pain relief and movement of the joint is far exceeding than the traditional surgery.

  1. How is the surgery performed…

WHO performs the surgery? In a robotic knee replacement surgery. The answer to this question is based upon the execution and working methodology used during the surgery and also in the advancement of the technology, In general terms there are three main types.

Passive Robot, Semi-Active Robot and Active robot are the in general the three types of robots available for a robotic surgery in the Indian medical scene. The Active Robot being the latest and more advanced out of the three.

In the Surgery performed by Active Robot, The robot helps the surgeon by accurately preplanning all the important surgical landmarks and to take all the cuts in their preferred sequence.

Basically it’s an all automatic system where the surgeon uses a remote control to maneuvre the robotic arm and the cutting tools makes all the cuts with utmost precision and safety.  

  1. Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery provides more accuracy.

As the surgery is performed with robotics which provides more precision and accuracy in all the incisions angles and cuts in the affected area the surrounding or the adjacent tissue is not harmed and only the affected area is operated on.

Also the accuracy and precision allows the surgeon to customize knee replacements to each patient’s anatomy which lead to a better and natural fleeing for the patients in the joints post-surgery.

  1. Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery provides a speedy recovery.

The advancement’s and the latest robotic in knee replacement surgeries Like the Active Fully Automated Knee Replacement Surgery have provided substantial data showing a reduced post-surgery recovery time, as with greater surgical precision and accuracy helps in avoiding to disturbed or harm the adjoining  bone and tissue, speeding the body’s natural healing process.

If the average recovery time for a patient undergone a traditional knee replacement surgery is 5 to 6 weeks in resuming his day to day activities after the surgery, It has been proven that undergoing a Robotic Knee replacement surgery result in the patients recovery time to be cut down to half, where the patient is able to resume his day to day life in less than three weeks.

  1. The Outcomes, Experience and the long term costs.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeries tend to have less to none complications, which results to less to none readmission to hospital, quicker recovery time, less rehabilitation time, Hence patients can get back to their daily life and resume their activities more efficiently.All these factors lead to an overall improved outcome & experience for the patients.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery at SaiShree Hospital –

At SaiShree Hospital we provide best in class facilities to our patients, and with our team of esteemed surgeons and CuVis (the full automated Active Robot) we aim to rid the society of their knee pain problem.

SaiShree Hospital introduces CuVis western India’s First Fully Automated Robot for Knee Replacement Surgeries.

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