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Welcome to the Best Orthopedic Hospital In Pune. Saishree is equipped with latest technology like Western India’s First Fully Automatic Joint Replacement System and best experts to take care of your orthopedic healthcare needs

Robotic Knee Replacement Saishree Hospital Pune11

Western India’s First Fully Automatic Joint Replacement System

MISS – Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Simple Strain to Complex Acetabular injuries resulting in bone cracking or breakage

Most mobile yet least stable joint. Injuries have to be dealt with surgery

All ligament surgeries need rest ice fomentation and compression & elevation


IVF is a boon to mankind. It is a health concern and can be treated and cured. Our experts make sure couples don’t miss their parenthood

It is branch which deals with physical fitness, treatment & prevention of sports realted injuries

Physio focuses on movement of joints and increase body strength body specially of surgery patients for recovery

Other Treatments

Other Treatment Services which too are important like General Surgeries, General Laproscopy, Oncology and many more

Global relations - International Patients and Doctors

Numerous International Doctors have visited for understanding the latest technologies. Patients from Africa and Middle East visit Saishree Hospital for their Treatments.


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What Our Patients Say

72 year old gets the Country's First Uncemented Bilateral TKR Excellent medical treatment is experienced during my wife's TKR operation in June 2018.Hospital is extremely neat and clean. It is very convenient for medical treatment even for out station patients.
Anagha Joshi
"My father was suffering from knee pains, we visited Dr. Adkar he treated very well, operated my father's knee, now he is walking very well. He walked 7 kms daily. Now there is not any type of knee injury. Thanks to Dr. Adkar sir. He angel for patients who are suffering from knee disease, injury or pains.s."
Milind Desai
The hospital has a very competent team of surgeons / assisting doctors, and is well equipped with latest technology. I found all hospital administrative, nursing staff to be professional and caring. All required facilities under one roof makes it convenient.
Shashikant Deshpande
"Dr. Neeraj Adkar is best orthopaedic surgeon I have seen ever. He is intelligent and very soft spoken. I visited saishree hospital last week for ACL reconstruction surgery."
Nilesh Khedekar