Dental implant is a dental treatment that has gradually emerged as one of the best dental treatments to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. An implant bonds with the jawbone naturally and offers more or less the same functionality of a natural tooth. The implant largely involves using an abutment (a connector) that is positioned on the top of the crown. The crown is customized based on the natural color and shape of your tooth.

The dental implant treatment is carried out by well-trained and highly experienced experts with rich expertise related to the dental field. In addition, our staff ensures every patient feels at ease before, during, and after the surgery by guiding them about the potential risks and pain factors. Dental implants are one of the safest dental treatments and modern dental implant techniques have been in practice for nearly three decades.

You are an ideal candidate for a dental implant if :

  1. You are missing one or multiple teeth
  2. Your jawbone has grown completely
  3. You have enough bone to ensure that the implants will graft with it
  4. You have healthy oral tissues
  5. No health conditions that could potentially affect the healing of the bone
  6. You wish to enhance your speech and physical appearance