Achalasia is a medical condition in which the lower part of esophagus becomes stiff and thereby restricts smooth passage for food and fluid into the stomach. As the condition of achalasia worsens, it becomes very difficult to swallow food and may even lead to vomiting, malnutrition, weight loss, and dehydration. SaiShree Hospital offers Laparoscopic Hellers cadiomyotomy surgery in Pune, a keyhole procedure to treat Achalasia and relieve the discomfort faced by the patients.

How it is performed?

Through an incision made above the navel, laparoscope and surgical instruments are inserted so as to perform surgery with the help of images transmitted by the camera. Myotomy, the procedure of dividing the muscles of both esophagus and stomach, are carried out with utmost care to avoid damaging of the inner lining. On few post operative instances, development of acid reflux has been observed by medical fraternity. Hence to avoid post operative complications, Hellers cardiomyotomy surgery specialist in Pune, India performs partial or full fundoplication along with myotomy. It has always been the endeavor of SaiShree to offer quality treatment at affordable cost without compromising the comfort level of patients. Hence our experienced surgeons offer minimally invasive treatments wherever possible, so that the benefits such as quicker recovery time and less post operative complications can be achieved. The laparoscopic surgeons of SaiShree Hospital have extensive training in Heller’s myotomy and have helped many patients to eat food without discomfort. If you have been experiencing achalasia, please contact us to know more details about this minimally invasive procedure.