The laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery (RYGB) is considered to be one of the most successful weight loss surgeries. RYGB is performed under laparoscopic approach and involves 5-6 small incisions to help the surgeon get a clear view inside the patient’s abdomen region. A patient is qualified for RYGB surgery when all his diet schedules, physical activities, and medications have failed to improve his weight loss.

Treatment Overview

The Roux-en-y bypass surgery is performed under two sections :

Part 1: Create a small pouch inside the stomach

Our expert surgeon will divide the patient’s stomach into a large and a smaller portion. A process named “stomach stapling” is performed to create a small pouch inside his stomach. This helps the patient feel full quickly and restrict them from consuming more food.

Part 2: Bypass Surgery

The other part of the treatment involves disconnecting the small stomach pouch from the rest of the stomach and the duodenum of the small intestine. Then after, the smaller pouch is connected to a part of small intestine slightly far down (jejunum). This process is named as the Roux-en-y-gastric procedure.

Both RYGB and stomach stapling are performed under one surgery. In case the laparoscopic option cannot be considered, the medical team may also suggest laparotomy (a large cut in the middle of the belly).

Many weight-related health problems have improved and got treated with RYGB and therefore, is the “gold standard” of weight loss surgeries. Consult our Saishree Hospital team to know your eligibility for this treatment. We make sure our patients remain well-aware of their considered options.