Medial patello-femoral ligament is a strong ligament that prevents lateral (outer) displacement of patella (knee cap).When injuerd,its leads to partial (subluxation) or complete dislocation of patella.If not adequately trearted. It results into recurrent patella dislocation and patello-femoral arthritis.Causes of MPFL injury can be either a direct blow,sudden strong muscle contracture or twisting inuries of the knee to name a few.

Treatment of MPFL injury inculdes MPFL reconstruction,wherein, patients own tendon is used for making a new MPFL which is surgically placed at original MPFL using special suture anchors.

Procedure is arthroscopically. A short stay at hospital,minimally invasive procedure and a well organised post operative physiotherapy programme leads to early recovery.Patient can resume his unrestrained activities after 6 months.