Obesity is highly prevalent in society in the developing and the developed countries. At present, it is a growing concern in our society and we at Sai Shree Hospital recognize that. We offer the most advanced and the best obesity treatment programme to our patients based on our assessment. If the patient’s BMI falls in the obesity range, we recommend a few tests to gain a fair understanding of the condition. We gather the following information before determining the best treatment for our patients.

  1. Physical exam
  2. Calculation of the BMI
  3. Waist circumference
  4. Evaluation of other health problems (if any)
  5. Blood tests

Each of the aforementioned information is essential and assists our team to determine the following :

  1. The amount of weight you need to lose
  2. Health risks
  3. Current physical health problems if any


Our treatments highly focus on helping our patients reach a healthy weight range. In addition, health professionals need to be consulted including, behaviour counsellors, dietitian, obesity specialists and more to completely understand the change in your eating as well as activities.

Our weight-loss programmes focus on the reduction of weight and also include physical exercises that will gradually help in overcoming obesity. The level of obesity will also determine your treatment plan.

The treatment plan includes :

  1. Weight-loss surgery
  2. Weight-loss medication
  3. Exercise
  4. Changes in diet