Orthopedics deals with the complete musculoskeletal system that encompasses bones, muscles, joints, tendons, bursae and ligaments. SaiShree Hospital for special surgery, the best orthopedic hospital in Pune, offers plethora of medical treatments for musculoskeletal system under one roof. The dedicated orthopedic doctors in Pune at our hospital offer commendable medical services and treatments in various sub-specialization arenas that include :

  1. Hip, Knee and shoulder joint replacement
  2. Revision joint replacement
  3. Hip preservation surgery
  4. Knee, hip and shoulder arthroscopy
  5. Open and endoscopic spinal disc surgery
  6. ACDF, PLIF and TLIF spine fixation
  7. Spine decompression
  8. Scholiosis surgery
  9. Poly trauma surgery
  10. Pediatric orthopedic

It is not without reasons our specialists at SaiShree Hospital are rated as best orthopedic doctors in Pune; the entire team adopts unique techniques that have evolved out of vast expertise, continuous research and advanced education. Moreover, the compassionate treatment care and result oriented approach offered by our orthopedic specialist in Pune blends seamlessly with top-notch surgical skills to offer the best results for our patients. Contact us to diagnose your orthopedic problem in detail and subsequently get it treated through the safe hands of our surgeons.