Robotic knee replacement surgery may sound like a distant goal, but it is now a reality. Physicians have begun to use robotics during surgery, relying on a machine’s exact movements to assist them with treatments requiring extreme precision, such as knee replacement.

When they read about new robotic knee replacement surgery alternatives, some patients are sceptical. They are concerned about their safety and the hazards associated with this procedure. The truth is that patients profit greatly from robotic surgery.

What Exactly Is Robotic Knee Surgery?

Robotic surgery does not imply that the entire procedure is carried out by a robot. Doctors instead employ a robotic surgical arm to perform parts of the treatment, assisting in regions that require the steadiest hand and accessing narrow spaces. Robotics is added to the doctor’s toolbox.

The robotic arm may operate from 3D images of the surgical area using CT scans to accomplish a variety of activities, including:

Prepare the bone, by making precision cuts.

Ballance & calibrated the implant.


When compared to traditional manual surgical procedures, robotic knee replacement has numerous advantages, including:

  • Pre-surgery planning tailored to the individual patient
  • Best post-surgery outcomes
  • Minimal invasiveness means minimal blood loss and related pain.
  • Maximum surgical precision
  • Faster recovery with minimal hospitalisation

Types Of Robots Used in Robotic Surgery

Passive robots are often imageless or x-ray-based devices. They perform knee navigation but do not assist the surgeon in making incisions because the robotic arm is not capable of cutting bone.


Semi-Active Robot: CT image-based systems with a hepatic arm, with the surgeon guiding the arm to the bone and doing bone cuts. Again, it has limits; several critical intra-operative procedures, such as box cuts, lug holes, re-cuts, and other manipulations, are difficult to handle.


Active Robot: CT image-based system like (CuVis) that does accurate pre-planning and cannot make mistakes on critical surgical landmarks. It allows doctors to make all of their cuts in the order they desire, and it’s all automatic—the surgeon uses a remote.


The Benefits of Robotic Knee Surgery

Robotic knee surgery has already shown to be a valuable tool for doctors. The medical community has noticed benefits in a variety of areas:


Reduced Long-Term Costs

Patients who undergo robotic knee replacement surgery have fewer problems, which implies fewer hospital visits. You will also recuperate faster, which means you will be able to return to work and make money sooner. Furthermore, minimally invasive surgery results in fewer infections and other hazards that can return a patient to the hospital.


Improved Outcomes For Patients.

According to studies, people who have robotic knee surgery had fewer hospital readmissions. They also require less rehabilitation than typical knee replacement patients. Robotic arms can also more efficiently clear surgical areas of damaged bone tissue, boosting patient recovery rates.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patients can return to their everyday activities more quickly, resulting in greater patient satisfaction with their health care services. The patient will appreciate the fact that robotic knee surgery involves less downtime.

Patients also appreciate the accuracy of utilising the arm. With this methodical approach, mistakes are less likely. The implant can be more precisely aligned and modified, increasing the patient’s comfort. The goal of any surgery is to find the best effective solution. People like the mix of robotic precision and the bedside manner and other human traits of the actual physician.



Robotic surgery has brought about a Revolution in Knee Replacement Surgery as they have been found to outperform traditional knee replacement in all parameters. Robotic methods, according to studies, offer more accurate results. The less trauma on the bone and tissue, the better the results, and robotic aid enables precision, reducing traumatic areas.

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